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About Us

At the Heart of Every Innovation:
Our Precision Engineered Alloy Steel


Mission & Core Values

Quality Commitment


Employee Safety

Made in India
Alloy Steel


Global Markets

As one of the country's most well-respected Specialty Steel manufacturers, with a hard-earned reputation for unmatched quality, we have perfected the art of rolling high-grade alloy steel for the most demanding automotive and industrial engineering applications.

By collaborating closely with our customers, some of the most recognisable industrial houses in the country, we have built upon our storied legacy through hard work and innovation, influencing markets and solidifying the reputation of "Made in India" alloy steel.

Achieving Stakeholder

Mission & Core Values

Crafting Tomorrow's
Legacy in Steel

At Mukand Sumi, we aim to achieve stakeholder prosperity through integrity, synergy, and passion in all our business endeavours. Guided by our core values, we uphold high ethical standards and transparency in all our actions, and as responsible corporate citizens, we're committed to giving back to society and driving synergy in every undertaking.

We are unwavering in our dedication to superior quality, whether in our processes, products, or services, we are fervently passionate about leading in business.

Commitment to Quality & Innovation


Forging Excellence
as Standard

In the ever-evolving world of steel, the demand for advanced and sustainable solutions has grown, driven by today's intricate challenges and opportunities. We position ourselves at the forefront of this transformation, consistently pushing the boundaries through relentless innovation in our approach and methodology, ensuring that our products are manufactured in the most resource-friendly, efficient, and sustainable way possible - whether it's Specialty Steel Wire Rods, Round Bars, Black Bars, Bright Bars, and Wires.

This commitment to progress has led us to set industry benchmarks. Through the introduction of high-tech production techniques and meticulous quality control processes, we ensure that our finished quality and processing remain unparalleled, regardless of the demands of the industries and market sectors we cater to. Our profound research and development anchors our reputation and fuels our ongoing success.

Our Long-Term
Community Benefits


Tempering Progress
with Responsibility

At Mukand Sumi, our perspective and approach to CSR are as distinctive as our products. From our inception, we've gauged our success and standing based on more than just the value we deliver to shareholders; the profound impact we make in uplifting the communities we're a part of. And while our legacy of producing top-tier steel, underpinned by relentless innovation and an unwavering commitment to excellence, has sculpted our reputation, our profound influence in enhancing local communities fills us with the utmost pride.


Employee Safety

Safety at Our Core

In the past, the steel industry carried the reputation of being a high-risk profession, often due to the nature of the work and the inherent hazards involved. At Mukand Sumi, our perspective has always been different. From our inception, we've championed a zero-accident philosophy, fortified further with the advent of advanced steelmaking technologies. Our priority? The health, safety, and well-being of every single member of our team. Every initiative we've launched, and every procedure we've set in place, underscores our dedication to ensuring the safety of our people from the moment raw materials enter our premises to the delivery of the finished product.

For us, this isn't just about achieving a number - it's about fostering a company culture that unequivocally places the well-being of its employees above any operational goal. This commitment runs deep, from the executive board to the factory floor. Every aspect of our production and manufacturing is viewed through the lens of safety. And in the heart of our ethos is a steadfast belief: the hallmark of a genuinely successful steel company is the safety and well-being of its people.

Built for the
Most Stringent International Quality Standards

Why Us

Quality at the Forefront: Why the Biggest Brands Choose Us

Mukand Sumi Special Steel is a leading industry player, producing high-quality wire rods, bars, and wires from blooms and billets sourced exclusively from Mukand Ltd. We offer steel in varying sizes and conditions specifically for use in the automotive and engineering sectors, with our advanced facilities and expert team ensuring each product exceeds even the most stringent international quality standards.

Our strength is anchored in our leadership, committed to delivering unparalleled products with unmatched precision and dedication. We don't just produce steel; we revolutionise it. Through our pioneering spirit, we continuously strive to develop state-of-the-art steel grades, products, and production methods - this sets us apart in the steel industry and ensures our product range remains at the cutting edge of application possibilities. Our ties with the Bajaj Group enhance our legacy, while our partnership with Sumitomo Corporation expands our global footprint and expertise. Together, we're poised to set new benchmarks in the steel industry.

Our Portfolio Has Over 400 Grades
of Alloy Steel Products


From Billet to Bar: The Foundation of Tomorrow's Big Ideas

At Mukand Sumi, our portfolio boasts over 400 grades of alloy steel products meticulously crafted to exceed the most stringent international specifications. These aren't just ordinary steels; they form the high-performance core of many essential components, from Transmission Parts and Engine Components to Steering System, Bearings, High-Tensile Fasteners, and more.

Our growing list of customers both in India and abroad count on our steel’s unparalleled performance and inherent strength to drive their innovation and operations.

Detailed below, is our high-level product list...

Our products, continued...

Product Overview

Using Blooms & Billets sourced exclusively from Mukand Ltd., we roll steel in sizes ranging from 5.5 mm to 160 mm in diameter, offering them in various supply conditions, including annealed, spheroidised annealed, pickled and phosphated, and hardened and tempered. Our range encompasses roller and ball bearing steel, cold heading quality steel, free-cutting steel, micro-alloyed steel, and the classic spring, carbon, and alloy steels.

Alloy Bright Bars & Wires

Alloy Steel Bright Bars & Wires, renowned for their exceptional and unparalleled dimensional accuracy, are the preferred choice for specialised industries worldwide, consistently delivering quality and precision to the most demanding applications.

Alloy Round Bars

Our Alloy Round Bars offer unparalleled machinability and resistance to wear. These bars have become the preferred choice for a range of applications, from structural components to machinery parts and automotive essentials.

Alloy Wire Rods

Boasting unparalleled tensile strength, our Alloy Wire Rods are extensively utilised in a wide array of applications, ranging from electrical components and automotive parts to sturdy construction reinforcements and diverse innovations across multiple industries.

01 Alloy Bright Bars & Wires

02 Alloy Round Bars

03 Alloy Wire Rods

Manufacturing Facilities

Beyond Steel:
Our Manufacturing Process

As global demand for advanced alloy steel intensifies, our commitment to cutting-edge production facilities mirrors this surge. Equipped with contemporary features like automatic wire rod cum bar mills and specialised spheroidised annealing furnaces, we've set the gold standard for Indian-made alloy steel for the future.

And, with our manufacturing facilities in Hospet Karnataka slated for modernisation and expansion, we are on track to meet our goal of 1 Million Tonne annual capacity, a milestone in Indian Alloy Steel Rolling.

Alloy Steel Making

From raw inputs like iron ore and coke, a meticulous process refines and shapes them. The materials are perfected and cast into robust alloy steel blooms & billets through advanced furnaces and degassing, embodying precision, and strength.

Alloy Steel Rolling

From blooms and billets to end products, the transformation from foundation to end product begins with precision engineering. Through our partnership with the global leader in rolling-mills technology, SMS Group, these foundational materials evolve through rigorous shaping and refining processes into robust heavy round bars and versatile wire rods.

Heat Treatment

When increased ductility and workability are required, our alloy steel bars, and wire rods embark on a precise heat treatment journey. Through this process, they are transformed, gaining enhanced flexibility and structure, emerging as superior annealed bars and wire rods suited for diverse applications.


Starting from robust alloy steel bars and wire rods, our advanced heat treatment process ensures precise tempering and polishing. The result is the stunning transformation into 'bright bars' and wires, which boast enhanced strength and a gleaming finish, primed for elite applications.

01 Alloy Steel Making

02 Alloy Steel Rolling

03 Heat Treatment

04 Downstream

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Have a unique requirement? Get in touch with us. We have a steely resolve to help you find the product that best fits your needs, even if that means custom building you one that does.


What People Say

Mukand Sumi has an excellent rolling facility installed, and the allied functions systems placed for product traceability & monitoring quality will help deliver as per our specifications and enable us to grow our business relationship in the coming future.

Maruti Suzuki India Limited
Automotive Brand Leader

MSSSL has an impressive facility equipped with outstanding control plus monitoring systems, exemplifying their commitment to excellence in every aspect of its operations.

Pandrol Limited
Automotive Brand Leader

This facility of Mukand Sumi at Hospet stands out for its remarkable infrastructure and meticulous adherence to systems, when compared to its peers.

Sansera Engineering Limited
Automotive Brand Leader

The staff of Mukand Sumi are very knowledgeable & accommodating, one of the many reasons of our continued association over the years.

Automotive Brand Leader

Thank you for showcasing the rolling mill to our team today, it was a good learning and will help us carry forward our relationship without breaking a sweat. All the best to the team.

Automotive Brand Leader

Mukand Sumi has over the years demonstrated their state-of-the-art production capabilities, combined with an exceptional team of experienced and dedicated professionals. It's why our association only gets better with time!

Vossloh Fasteners Systems
Automotive Brand Leader
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