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About Mukand Sumi Special Steel Limited

Mukand Sumi Special Steel Limited (MSSSL), stands at the forefront of alloy steel manufacturing in India. Our specialised operations are fuelled by high-grade blooms and billets sourced exclusively from Mukand Limited and encompasses the rolling, finishing, and marketing of a diverse range of alloy steel products, including bright bars & wires, round bars, and wire rods. Our reputation as an industry leader is anchored in our commitment to producing alloy steel products of exceptional quality.

At Mukand Sumi, our enduring legacy in alloy steel manufacturing is deeply rooted in a rich history dating back to 1937. Beginning as Mukand Iron & Steel Works Ltd and initially focusing on mild steel, our journey to becoming the Alloy Steel bellwether has been marked by significant milestones, including becoming India’s first stainless steel producer, expanding our product range, and forging a transformative joint venture with Sumitomo Metal Corporation. Founded in 2018, today, Mukand Sumi stands as a testament to innovation, excellence, and a commitment to quality, proudly upholding a legacy that has shaped the speciality steel industry in India and beyond.

The Foundational Pillars of our Ethos & Ambition

Mission &
Core Values

At the core of Mukand Sumi's endeavours is a robust foundation defined by our Mission, and Core Values. These fundamental principles not only steer our daily operations but also chart our path towards sustained success and distinction in the alloy steel sector. They are the bedrock upon which our aspirations for prosperity and excellence are built, guiding us at every step.


Core Values


To achieve stakeholder prosperity through integrity, synergy, and passion in all business activities.

Core Values

  • To maintain high ethical standards, through transparency.
  • To contribute to society as a responsible corporate citizen.
  • To achieve synergy in every activity.
  • To ensure superior quality in process, products, & services.
  • To remain forever passionate about business leadership.

The Benchmark of Our Commitment

Our Quality Obsession

Discover the embodiment of Mukand Sumi’s dedication to superior quality in our esteemed quality certificates and certifications. Our credentials, encompassing the prestigious ISO 9000 series for quality management and IATF certifications, are a testament to our unwavering commitment to crafting alloy steel products of the highest calibre, adhering to international standards and surpassing customer expectations.


Quality Management System

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Automotive Quality Management System

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Steering Innovation & Success

Leadership at the Helm

Mukand Sumi Special Steel Limited thrives under the guidance of our professional management team. This dynamic leadership comprises individuals with varied backgrounds and extensive expertise, each contributing unique skills and perspectives to steer our company towards continued success and innovation.

Vipul Mashruwala

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Vipul M. Mashruwala, an alumnus of the College of Engineering, Pune, holds a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. His journey, spanning over four decades, is a narrative of dedication, strategic foresight, and transformative leadership. Vipul’s career began at Mukand Limited, where he honed his skills across various divisions, laying the groundwork for his future role at Mukand Sumi Special Steel Limited.

With a career marked by roles in design, estimation, strategic planning, sales, marketing, and general management, Vipul brings a comprehensive spectrum of expertise to Mukand Sumi. His tenure at Mukand Ltd was a prelude to his current role as the driving force behind the Alloy Steel Division’s growth and expansion. His entry into the company in 1982 marked the beginning of a journey characterised by a relentless work ethic, a commitment to excellence, and a passion for driving significant change.

Vipul’s approach to leadership is underpinned by his keen observational skills and innate curiosity. His profound contributions have touched every aspect of the company, leading to substantial improvements in production, planning, sales, marketing, and human resources. His ability to delve into details and scrutinise processes has been instrumental in enhancing the operational efficiency of various departments.

Under his stewardship, Mukand’s Alloy Steel Division has flourished, establishing itself as the preferred OEM supplier to the Automobile Industry. Vipul Mashruwala’s vision and leadership propel the division towards new markets, innovative products, and enhanced capabilities, cementing Mukand Sumi’s position as a leader in the alloy steel sector.

Kazushi Katayama

Co-Chief Executive Officer (Co-CEO)

Kazushi Katayama, Co-CEO of Mukand Sumi Special Steel Limited, brings the company a unique blend of global insight and technical expertise. With a rich engineering and business management background, he has been instrumental in steering Mukand Sumi’s strategic direction towards international acclaim.

Katayama’s journey in the steel industry spans over three decades, marked by significant contributions in various global markets. His expertise in navigating complex international business landscapes has been pivotal in Mukand Sumi’s expansion into new territories. An alumnus of a prestigious engineering university in Japan, his career began with a focus on engineering and gradually transitioned into strategic management roles.

His tenure at Mukand Sumi has been characterised by a commitment to innovation and a vision to position the company as a global leader in alloy steel manufacturing. Katayama’s leadership style, which blends meticulous attention to technical detail with a broad strategic outlook, has been vital in enhancing the company’s operational efficiency and global competitiveness.

Under his co-leadership, Mukand Sumi has fortified its presence in existing markets and ventured into new ones, consistently pushing the boundaries of excellence in the alloy steel sector. Katayama’s forward-thinking approach and dedication to excellence continue to drive Mukand Sumi’s journey towards new heights in the global steel industry.

United in Steel, Stronger Together

A Partnership Forged in Steel

At Mukand Sumi, our journey towards excellence in alloy steel is bolstered by our esteemed partners. These collaborations are not just alliances but the cornerstone of our success, bringing together shared visions and expertise. Discover the key organisations that are pivotal to our existence, and in our continuous pursuit of excellence.

Jamnalal Sons Private Limited:
A Legacy of Investment Excellence

Founded in 1938, Jamnalal Sons Private Limited is the cornerstone of investments within a host of Bajaj Group Companies. Operating as the core investment entity, the company has a rich history of strategic investments, fostering growth and innovation across various sectors. Their deep-rooted expertise in finance and investment plays a crucial role in our strategic endeavours, underpinning our mission to lead and innovate in the alloy steel sector. Jamnalal Sons Private Limited currently holds 51% stake in Mukand Sumi Special Steel Limited.

Sumitomo Corporation:
A Global Powerhouse

Sumitomo Corporation , a stalwart in the Fortune Global 500 list for over a quarter of a century, is a testament to global leadership and diversified business excellence. With a presence in 136 locations across 66 countries, Sumitomo’s expansive operations encompass a wide array of sectors. These include Metal Products, Transportation and Construction Systems, Infrastructure, Media and Digital, Living-Related and Real Estate, Mineral Resources, Energy, Chemicals, and Electronics. Their global reach and multifaceted expertise significantly contribute to our shared goals in the alloy steel industry. The Sumitomo Corporation currently holds 49% stake in MSSSL.

Accolades in Innovation and Quality

Celebrating Excellence

A series of distinguished accolades and recognitions mark Mukand Sumi's journey in the alloy steel manufacturing sector. These honours are a testament to our relentless pursuit of excellence, innovative spirit, and unwavering dedication to quality and customer satisfaction. Each award we receive is a milestone and a reaffirmation of our commitment to setting new benchmarks in alloy steel production. Join us in celebrating these achievements that mirror our journey towards industry leadership and innovation.


Partner Performance Award 2023


Schaeffler India Supplier Day 2022


Bosch India Supplier Awards 2022


Quality Month Celebration - 2020

2020 & 2019

Best Supplier Award 2019 & 2020


SKF Supplier Excellence Awards 2012

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