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Advancing with Integrity: Our Dedication to Sustainable Growth

At Mukand Sumi, we take pride in a Corporate Social Responsibility philosophy that mirrors the innovation and quality of our steel products. Our journey, deeply rooted in our foundational values, measures achievement through our contributions to industry and the positive ripple effects we create in society. We believe that our enduring legacy is not only carved by the exceptional steel we produce, driven by constant innovation and a steadfast pursuit of excellence, but also by our genuine commitment to community welfare – a commitment that stands as a testament to our corporate ethos.

Our involvement goes beyond just business; it’s deeply embedded in the fabric of community life. Through educational drives, environmental stewardship, and elevating living standards, we are resolute in our mission to fortify community growth. By partnering with local authorities and influential community figures, we aim to magnify our collective impact. As a premier steelmaker, our responsibility extends beyond our products. It encompasses a promise to our planet and its inhabitants, ensuring the advancements we champion are for the shared betterment of all.

Being associated with one of the nation’s most esteemed business conglomerates, Jamnalal Sons Pvt. Ltd., presents us with an amplified platform to enact transformative change. We view this affiliation as an honour and an avenue to amplify our community-centred endeavours. Aligning with the Bajaj Group’s cardinal principles, our CSR pursuits, facilitated through their various trusts and Group Companies, are geared towards long-term community benefits. This includes fostering education for self-reliance, promoting health, undertaking self-help initiatives, catering to the underprivileged, and preserving our environment for future generations.


Sustainable Progress: Our Ethical and Environmental Pledge

At Mukand Sumi, we're dedicated to sustainable operations, aligning with global environmental goals without compromising our societal duties. Our commitment extends from rigorous team trainings to the infinite recycling of our steel products, ensuring continual advancements in reducing our carbon footprint. We stand by the promise of transparency and ethical integrity, upholding human rights as we advance toward a greener future. Please read below, for more details…


Charting a Carbon-Neutral Course

Mukand Sumi is committed to reducing our carbon footprint, targeting carbon neutrality within a quarter-century. We have charted our CO2 emissions across all operations to achieve this, focusing on energy use and process contributions. And now, our challenge lies in managing the CO2 intensity of incoming materials, prompting collaborations with suppliers to lower CO2 emissions in tandem with our sustainability goals.


Energising Sustainability

Mukand Sumi is steering steelmaking towards a greener future, prioritising sustainable energy to cut costs, optimise resources, and enhance efficiency. Committed to reducing fossil fuel reliance, we aim to fulfil 80% of our energy needs with renewables, solidified by a partnership with a green energy provider.


Resource Stewardship: The 3R's in Action

Mukand Sumi is dedicated to resource conservation, strategically reducing electricity and water consumption in our operations. Our production optimisation is guided by the Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle principle, aiming to enhance yields and establish ourselves as a top-tier supplier with minimal environmental impact.


Conserving Every Drop

Mukand Sumi champions water conservation, implementing water harvesting in the form of an artificial lake that has helped the water table of our surrounding neighbourhoods. We have also extensively invested in recycling plants, to maximise the use of every drop within our production facilities.


Waste Reduction & Environmental Care

Mukand Sumi embraces a zero-waste ethos, continuously refining our processes to minimise waste and enhance efficiency throughout our supply chain. We also recycle a large part of our wastes, to further conserve our planet Earth.


Breathing Easier: Advancing Air Quality

Prioritising clean air, we're transitioning from fossil fuels to electric furnaces in heat treatment while developing further air quality improvement strategies.


Integrity and Equality: Our Human Rights Commitment

Upholding dignity and equality, we protect all employees' rights with robust welfare and grievance redressal systems.